SayeBrook new home community in Surfside
SayeBrook new home community in Surfside
Welcome to the new home community of SayeBrook in Surfside!
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SayeBrook is a new home community in Surfside that is currently being developed with Phase 1 homes that were released starting in April 2023. There are actually two planned communities of SayeBrook that have both been approved by Horry County for development:
NOTE: For now, the development in the new home community of SayeBrook is entirely on the west side of Highway 17 (shown as SayeBrook WEST on the map below).
SayeBrook new home community map of current and future development

There are over 1300 single family units planned and over 500 multi family units (apartments) planned in the Surfside new home community of SayeBrook located at the Highway 544 and Highway 17 interchange - west of Highway 17 (denoted as SayeBrook West in the map above).
Current list of all available homes in SayeBrook

The SayeBrook community master plan will include new residential homes and a commercial center. Conveniently located, SayeBrook offers a perfect destination of necessity retail, with Target as the main anchor. Junior anchors also include Marshalls and Petco. The SayeBrook Main Street Shops are the gateway to the planned 1,800 unit neo-traditional style SayeBrook Residential Community located on over 740 acres of land. A hybrid lifestyle center, the Town Center brings new customers, as well as repeat visitors, from all of the South Strand for decades to come. Features which set SayeBrook apart from other commercial centers include excellent visibility and access, ample parking, and a beautiful Lowcountry village architectural style.

The first phase of this community will consist of approximately 150+ single family homes. Construction in the new home community of SayeBrook is rather unique in that the completed homes by the builders are intermixed rather than each builder having its own dedicated section of the community. This lends itself well to result in a community with a nice diversification of homes along each street - with different models from different builders along the way!

Information on this Sayebrook community site was last updated November 2023.

Pricing starts from the $400's.

The SayeBrook New Home Community
Master Planned Communities

SayeBrook new home community - master planned communities

The SayeBrook New Home Community
Development Status

SayeBrook new home community - development status of the sayebrook master planned communities


Recently Sold
Recently sold homes in Sayebrook
NOTE: Data above courtesy of Horry County - Land Records

There are 3 builders developing the first phase of the SayeBrook new home community:

  1. Pulte
  2. Saussy Burbank
  3. Toll Brothers
NOTE: Builder involvement for the subsequent phases of this SayeBrook new home community will be determined based upon the performance of the builders.

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